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Product Design case study:

An independent distributor sought a wet floor sign that that would communicate the message, "wet floor" yet be an object that was pleasing to look at and add interest to its surroundings.

Unlike most wet floor signs, the distributer required the sign to be produced in low to medium quantities and via a process other than plastic injection moulding. Due to cost, additional finishing processes were to be avoided.

This posed a challenge when selecting materials and a fabrication process that would cater to all the requirements. IND Design Factory knew that despite our client's intention, the product had to be functional as a sign and for use by cleaners when handling and storing the product..

IND Design Factory researched a variety of wet floor signs, from fold up, hinged, pyramid, barrier and con types. We noticed a common feature throughout. People figures in slippery positions. Although, quite different from other signs and perhaps a challenge to produce, given all the other requirements, we decided to design a wet floor sign in the shape of a person in a slippery position.

Well, from Canada to Italy, the new sign, dubbed "Slippy" showed up in hotels, art galleries and tradeshows. The materials and process were a success and we met our clients budget. <back to top>

Package Design case study:

Made By Humans, a distributor of contemporary giftware, home and office stationery and promotional items wanted to refresh their product lines.

One of their products is a "Staple free Stapler". Having carried and distributed the product for a few years, and after some new product colours and other enhancements, the team decided that they wanted to repackage their Stapler.

The previous package was a closed PVC box. It was crucial that this time, the stapler was featured in the design with minimal packaging made from recycled card clear PET. An additional challenge was to ensure that the package was easy and quick to open, remove and close, so as to allow for custom prodcuct printing.

The Design Factory Team worked closely with our client and their fabricators to research the current packaging and materials, understand our client's needs and propose mulitple solutions.

To staple a long story short; Made By Humans loved the new packaging. Their customers liked it so much that there were orders for the staplers in the new packages even before the older stock was finished; and the new packaging came with all the required functionality and eco features that our client had specified. <back to top>

Interactive Design case study:

Purely Interior Design wanted an interactive, portable presentation of their residential and commercial interiors that would also be featured online. It was essential that the content communicated their brand while showing their style of work.

Having worked closely with their team in the past, on a variety of other projects involving on site photo shoots, magazine features and signage, we were familiar with their requirements, however knew that they were seeking specific fine tuning and something different.

IND Design Factory set to the task of photographing, structuring and presenting their interior projects. We ensured that the presentation was portable, easy to use and suitable for online viewing as well. In addition to communicating Purely's brand, the presentation successfully delivered the content that was important to their clients and ensured an aesthetic that complimented their style. <back to top>

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